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Trends May 2014 Article . . . Quotes from Rachel Francis, DVM, Owner and Chantelle Paveo, Practice Manager, Marion Animal Hospital (7 Year VetFM users):
. . .It was immediate in the eyes of my clients when they saw how professional their pets records were.  From a financial standpoint, the system paid for itself in the first three months.  Now we know where all the documents are.  Lab results, referrals, everything is attached.  Everything is easy to find and it is easy to send on when necessary.

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Brent Pattberg, DVM.  County Seat Animal Hospital
Just wanted to say we still think VetFM is the greatest thing. We’ve been through several PMS, as you know, and with each of the others after about a year we were like…”this is it?”.  Not with you guys.  Each day we are happy to be using VetFM  We just love it….. and you!

Pam Taylor CPA,  Hospital Administrator,  Taylor Veterinary Hospital  (10 year VetFM user)

TaylorVetI looked at a lot of software before deciding to go with VetFM.  I’d been very happy with our old software, but it was no longer supported and was falling behind in features we wanted, so it was time to switch. VetFM offered what I was looking for - great software under active development by passionate, responsive, experienced, professional database developers who love animals and are focused on delivering software that helps veterinary hospitals take care of the patients and the families who love them.   More . . .

Judith McClure, DVM, Sandy Paws Animal Clinic

Sandy Paws Animal ClinicI am a sole small animal practitioner who opened a veterinary practice in southern California in 2010. I have worked on several windows based veterinary software programs while I worked as an emergency veterinarian at referral hospitals. Access to specialists medical records was often very important and a number of windows based programs crashed at inopportune times. I thought about this when I was choosing computers and software for my paperless practice. I chose to go with Mac computers because Macs can manage a large volume of information without crashing. 

VetFM is the Mac based veterinary software program I chose because the program is very easy to understand and use. VetFM allows me to generate detailed medical records efficiently and it allows my accountant to generate the kind of reports that she and the bank loan administrators need. I recently had two experienced relief veterinarians in my practice and they both remarked on how easy it was to use VetFM with no previous exposure to the program.

VetFM support has been integral to the success of my practice. The support staff are available and very responsive to requests for help or clarification. After the initial training, very little support has been required. Purchasing this program is one of the best investments I have made in my hospital and the continuing support from VetFM reminds me of this every time I call them.  

Alan Hammer, DVM, North Coast Veterinary Specialist

VetFM is a user-friendly program as it is Mac computer based.  Compared to other management programs, VetFM is the most flexible and able to adjust to each clinics needs.  The staff are wonderful in working to enhance the program and are very enthusiastic.  Support is great, not only with "crisis" situations but also in training, upgrades, and trouble-shooting.  I recommended it to a colleague who was just starting out; unfortunately for her, she had already purchased another program.  In conclusion, VetFM is a real gem that should be discovered by more veterinarians.

Linda Leadbetter, DVM.  Leadbetter Small Animal Hospital

I have been using VetFM for several years now and can't say enough about the program and especially the support that I have received from both Eric

and Susie. They respond quickly to questions by phone or by e-mail and are always so pleasant and professional.

I had a prior program that I used for my Mac and lost the support for that program.  I was lucky to be introduced to VetFM and have never regretted converting my old program to VetFM.  Eric and Susie worked wonders in the turnover between the two programs and were and are there for me when I need them.  Support is so important....

Nickie Snyder, Office Manager, Kankakee Animal Hospital

screenshot_01As we approach our one year anniversary with VetFM, I can only say "wow" what a great program and company to work with! Eric and Susie took our practice from no computers into the 21st century. The program is so easy to use. However, it is the support provided that makes VetFM stand out.  Just a phone call away, the VetFM team has helped us solve any problems we have encountered and answered our seemingly endless questions in a courteous and efficient manner. This has allowed us to keep running smoothly.

    The VetFM team is able to step in and see what the program is doing as we work, making changes needed right then and there. What other company allows you to work directly with the program's designer to solve individual problems or correct our mistakes? We are looking forward to a long relationship with VetFM as we use more and more of the program's capabilities. There has never been a regret or question in our minds - this is the program and the team to have working with us.

Yvonne Valenza, Receptionist, Companion Pet Hospital

I recently started working for a vet office as a receptionist, and I've really appreciated how easy VetFM is to use. I'm especially appreciative because this is my first job like this! Training through VetFM system makes the process easier to pick up and understand important tasks that receptionists need to take care of. It also seems to make communication between the receptionists and the vet techs/doctor about patient information pretty precise and avoids a lot of confusion. I also really love how VetFM's system can be virtually paperless! Everything from invoices, scheduling, and pet histories can be kept neat and organized in this great computerized system. I really like it!

Dr. Amy O'Malley, DVM, Warrenton Animal Clinic

Warrenton Animal ClinicVetFM is a great program that is very comprehensive, but easily accessible to all levels of computer users. In our mixed small and large animal rural veterinary clinic it has improved record keeping and also increased the professional appearance of our invoices. The compatibility of label makers, networked printers, and image uploading has also streamlined our clinic's flow. We would highly recommend VetFM for any clinic that is ready to take their practice to the next level!

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