Taylor Veterinary Hospital

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Pam Taylor CPA,  Hospital Administrator,  Taylor Veterinary Hospital  (10 year user)

TaylorVetI looked at a lot of software before deciding to go with VetFM.  I’d been very happy with our old software, but it was no longer supported and was falling behind in features we wanted, so it was time to switch. VetFM offered what I was looking for - great software under active development by passionate, responsive, experienced, professional database developers who love animals and are focused on delivering software that helps veterinary hospitals take care of the patients and the families who love them.

The best thing about VetFM is that is keeps getting better - and it’s great right now.  It does what every business owner is looking for in software - It just runs, doing what it’s supposed to do, helping us take care of our patients and clients.  It’s very easy to train new staff on.  VetFM has a clean, crisp user interface that’s logically organized and fun to use.  The backup procedure is simple enough to do nightly and encourages good backup practices so I have the peace of mind that comes from knowing we won’t get in a situation where we’re having to scramble to recover from a hardware failure.

We are beginning to slowly move towards a paperless practice, and VetFM allows us to do that at our own pace.  Right now one of our doctors types in a lot of his notes, and we’ve done some visit completion and invoicing right from the exam room to free up the front desk for checking people in and handling client questions.

The scheduling module is great and can be tightly integrated with client visits so preparing the next day travel sheets and client information sheets, is highly automated, cutting down on a lot of front desk paper shuffling.  There’s also a very helpful great chart pull list that lists the days records in alpha order so pulling them is efficient. 

‘Sets’ of procedures and products included in delivering various services help immensely in capturing charges and completing medical records.  The travel sheet tailored to the specific reason for presentation for each visit makes it easy for the veterinarian or assistant to complete, and acts as a 'memory jogger' so things aren’t forgotten.

We give estimates to all clients whose pet will be hospitalized.  Procedure sets make it easy to give an accurate estimate that virtually eliminates surprises at checkout.  It also keeps us from being in a situation where we feel we need to adjust the bill down because we haven’t prepared the client properly for the actual costs involved.  Being able to email estimates also makes it easy to get an updated estimate to a client with a pet in the hospital that is going to require additional treatment.

Another great feature is being able to securely access VetFM from any location with a high speed internet connection.  We are able to check appointment schedules, schedule appointments, leave messages for staff, work on records - anything that could be done in the office can be done.

You have the option to use or not use the very professional inventory function.  We rely heavily on computer generated purchase orders and VetFM handles this very well.  The inventory function is very capable.  We’re able to track sales and purchases for each product and service, see which patients used specific service or inventory items, see when when orders were received for any time period, look at quantities sold and purchased for various time periods, and make free-form notes on individual item cards.

Some other features that we like:

• Ability to link any kind of document file to a patient including xrays, lab reports, etc.

• Multiple calendars for however we want to work

• Time clock - a great time saver!

• Rx Labels - makes our labels neat and legible.

• Reports for any time period (Many can be exported to Excel for further analysis)

• Can mix Macs and PCs on same network

• Lets us go paperless at a pace that’s comfortable for our hospital

• The software is under active development by developers who are always  seeking input from users to make the product better

Questions?   Email or Call Toll Free 1-877-868-3836 (1-877-To VetFM)